A few shots to summarize my life lately! :)

Anonymous asked: Hi! Your blog is very pretty! Sorry to bother you but I was wondering what type of pink shoes you were wearing in a recent photo set? I think if I had those they'd help keep me motivated to exercise!

Ack! So sweet, thank you! It’s Nike Airmax :)

  • Dani surprised Jojie and I a day after my birthday! So so sweet. ❤️
  • Went to Villa Escudero last month with the family.
  • Went shopping 4 days in a row huhu bye money
  • Sunsets, strawberries, and flowers. Just a few things that make me happy.

I missed doing my weekly recaps so much! Once I get my shots sorted out, I’ll try to update more regularly :) Btw, have I told you guys? The awesome Ayel of thesenseofwaking is my blockmate! We’ve been online friends for about 2 years now. She’s such a free spirit and I’m really grateful that she’s one of the people I spend most of my time with this semester. If you haven’t already, go check out her blog!! 

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend ahead! I’ll see you guys again real soon! ❤️

Honestly, a lot has happened to me in the last 2 weeks. I lost a loved one, it’s my first time losing someone really close to me and my whole stay at the hospital felt like a drama.

Classes also started. Maybe it’s because a day never goes without me seeing at least 5 high school friends, I felt very comfortable. So far, I’m enjoying college.

Close relatives just came back from the States and I’m so excited to spend more time with them! :) New experiences here we goooo!

Sugar House

June 21-27 

• Yiiiip my hot choco’s overflowing with melted mallows
• Papa brought home a bunch of desserts. Recently obsessed with cream puffs haha
• Family had lunch with papa’s friends at Seaside
• Dessert at Starbucks
• I finally tried the Strawberry Cheesecake drink 😊
• Spent today at Greenbelt. Rameeeen ❤️

Patbingsoo and Jajangmyun with Jojie! :)

It’s the end of the week. I hope you guys enjoyed your week! I had fun lazing around with my bunny, watching movies/dramas and eating haha

I really enjoy doing this weekly photo round up because I just get to think and go back to the blessings I received and be thankful! :)

  • I made Tofu Kimchi for dinner last Tuesday. Super yum!
  • Last Wednesday, I met up with Ate Caila and Jojie at Mcdo then we went to Baker to just chill. It was really nice because there weren’t a lot of people and the weather was just right! :)
  • Receiving letters unexpectedly seriously makes me feel really giddy.
  • I’ve been making fruit shakes for breakfast these days~ I found frozen berries at the fridge so I made blueberry shake.
  • Random late night cravings so papa and I went out at 10 pm to get ice cream :))
  • Cheesecake for dessert yesterday~
  • Ice cream break at Cold Stone. I had Cheesecake and Dark Chocolate, my usual flavor picks! :)
  • The road looks so peaceful!
  • While waiting for my papa at the airport.
  • Baked scallops and other seafood for lunch. So yum!
  • Spent the day with Dani and Jojie last Tuesday! :) Mango popsicles, so yum!!
  • We ate Korean food for lunch. The initial plan was to eat at Pho Hanoi because we were all craving for Pho that day but Pho Hanoi didn’t open ;____;
  • Then we went to Sm for dessert~ guess who bought extra whipped cream for her blizzard hiehie I’ve been craving for strawberries and cream these days.
  • My mom fixed the clothes that can’t fit in my closet anymore. Planning to sell the clothes that I never really used. Nothing more than 50 pesos. I used to give them away but this time, I want the people who really want the clothes to have em’ :)
  • Chilsung Cider tastes exactly like Sprite.
  • Saw the cutest shoes in Cinderella!!!! The details are so awesome!
  • Roadtrips! The world would be so much better if people would follow road rules…..and if there’s less traffic. :))
  • Lunch with Vanna and Raf at Black n’ Brew after we finished fixing college stuff.
  • My favorite from Tous les Jours!!!
  • ……I sneaked a selfie hiehiehie

• Baked Butterscotch Nutella cookies. My favorite batch so far!
• Lunch with Vince and Jojie last Monday ❤️
• Went to ATC last Thursday with my parents. Bonding time :)
• There’s also an open B&W photo exhibit.
• Bought pastries at my favorite bake shop at the moment, Tous Les Jour.
• We were supposed to watch TFIOS in ATC but the line was so long so we went to SM Calamba but it wasn’t showing there so we just ate. Yey for good sandwiches!
• Celebrated Father’s day yesterday at Hap Chan. Happy father’s day to our awesome fathers! :)

Pho Hoa