Hello, lovely people! I still haven’t posted a lot of events that happened in my life recently but here’s some snippets of what I’ve been doing and taking photos of from the past two weeks :)


Twirl all you can Green tea ice cream from Family Mart! I twirled a lot more than what’s seen in the photo but it fell. It was a good thing that the employee who saw me wasn’t strict so he just allowed me get more ice cream. :D


Pretty little yellow flowers in our garden.


Dani and I at our farewell party last Friday. More details about the party in another post! :)


My grandfather, who is a lawyer, still uses this typewriter for his documents. I’ve tried using it and it sure isn’t as easy as it looks.




What was across me when I was watching tv the other day.                                  image

At Dani’s (though not in the picture huhu) early birthday celebration yesterday! :) And because I wasn’t brave enough to slide, they just let me stay in the pool while we take the group photo.

That’s it for now! Have a nice week, everyone!

Anonymous asked: where are you gonna study and what course?

UPLB. Math and Science teaching (not sure if that or Human Eco though) but I’m going to shift to DevCom cause’ that’s what I really want :)

I owe you guys a lot of stories, tagged posts and more photog stuff :D Don’t worry! I have 4 months of vacation so I’ll definitely be much more active. I also want to thank my new followers/friends. I hope I’ll get to know you guys better :)

In another note, I graduated yesterday!! So here have a picture of me in my toga hehehe <3


Purple sunlight

Anonymous asked: why didn't u take the test?

what test?

Life lately

  • My best shots in a hard bound photobook. This seriously makes me so happy! I just can’t believe that I finally have a photobook :o This will serve as my portfolio for the meantime, too :)
  • I qualified for UPLB (my first choice! w/c is explainable because I live herehahahaha) You guys won’t understand how blessed I feel because:
  1. My father works as a professor so my tuition fee would be like 50 php per sem.
  2. I didn’t take exams in other colleges.
  3. UP is my dream school.
  • Won 1st for Masterchef in our school! :) (Four years in row!)
  • Was finally able to meet Ate Luisa of pepperminted!

Lovely day with my parents at the Gourmet farm after eating lunch at Batangas. :)

Refreshed myself for this upcoming stressful week. Let’s gooo!

My face makes an appearance in your dash again.

Anonymous asked: Do you have instagram? :)

Yep! @jobesam02 :) I’m active there. Follow if you want to~ :D

Date with Ate Luisa (pepperminted)! ♥